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Welcome to Pennies.me!

Welcome to my site, Pennies.me! I'm passionate about collecting coins, especially pennies. I'm passionate about all types of pennies with a focus on pre-1982 copper pennies (for their copper bullion value), wheat pennies, and Indian head pennies. I made this website to share my passion with you!

Penny The penny has the lowest value of all United States currency. It originally had many different designs, but in 1909 it started being cast with the image of Abraham Lincoln. Since then he has remained on the face of this coin, the Lincoln cent. From 1959 the reverse featured the Lincoln Memorial. However this was permanently changed in 2009 in honor of Lincoln's birthday.

The materials used to make pennies have varied over time. Originally they were made of copper, but during the peak of World War II this metal became in short supply. So pennies were minted using zinc-coated steel or sometimes even salvaged ammunition shells. These are now rare and are eagerly sought after by collectors.

Once the war was over, pennies were once again minted in copper until around 1970, when the cost of copper exceeded the value of the penny. The Mint then began testing other metals to see what would make an acceptable composition for this coin. Aluminum was ultimately chosen and over 1 million pennies were struck. Even so, they were rejected at the end because they would damage the electrical systems of vending machines, and these new pennies would be hard to detect via x-ray if swallowed. Pennies remained copper until 1982 when their composition was permanently changed to a mixture of zinc and other metals.

While pennies have a low monetary value, there are rare ones that are highly sought after. For instance, pennies that were struck incorrectly or struck in a rare metal are ones that are worth much more than the typical one cent piece. These pennies have numismatic value.

Thank you so much for visiting my site! I truly appreciate it. I'm an avid penny collector and built this site for fellow penny fans. Please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me if you have any questions. I'm here to help and would love to hear your feedback and questions. Until then, enjoy Pennies.me and your quest to collect pennies.


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